Research Based Advisory

We provide legal solution to our clients based on the expertise of core team comprising of highly qualified and experienced legal professionals including acadmicians. Instead of individualistic approach, we adopt multi-disciplinary expertise of a team. Our Clients don’t deal with any individual person. They are serviced by a corporate entity.

At each stage there are well defined and elaborate procedures that are strictly adhered and quality is monitored. The entire processing system is research based and exercise is carried with intensive engagement of our client’s representative at each stage. We have highly evolved process for handling cases. The following stage wise description will give you broad understanding of our approach.

Step-1: The moment MOU is signed; as a first step thereafter comes to be straightening the facts based on available documents and connected evidence.

Step-2: After the preliminary documentation of facts stands settled, a team is constituted for brainstorming to have with the knowledgeable authorized persons to reach at the factual frame for ascertaining the legal solutions.

Step-3: Further, the factual frame is entrusted to the expert committee to draw the outline of the legal search required in the matter to sharpen the questions for chase. Before, its finalization, the knowledgeable representatives of the client are involved for to be sure as to the further legal processing.

Step-4: It is the stage that the client is entrusted to the project of experts, duly assisted by research committee to thread bare analysis on first principle and also for the real legal expectations, may it be for the need to supplement by the evidence, or otherwise by having a full expression of the available factual data.

Step-5: It is after the project committee reports that the case stands entrusted to the ‘Effective Legal Option Committee’, which suggests the best legal solutions in the situation. At this stage as well the knowledgeable representative of the clients are involved to have consent for the best choice amongst the available solutions.

Step-6: After completion of above processes, complete answer is put in black & white.

Step-7: A step ahead, if need be, at the option of the client, the exposure with the experts for further steps in this matter, is also arranged, if need be in the presence of the experts of the company, and otherwise, at the option of the client, straight between client and those experts in the absence of the company experts, as per desire of the client.

As legal spectrum is very wide, as such under the established processing system, a broad categorization has been made so that at the initial stage, on the basis of prima facie assessment, the proposed legal consultancy issue stands entrusted to the most relevant committee.